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Salary Data Request.pdf

Memo from the Kral for Sheriff Campaign 

  • Now is the time for change.

    • Sheriff Gormley has been the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for Faribault County the last 16 years. Sheriff Gorlmey has brought positive changes in those years, but a time for change is needed for a fresh perspective, enthusiasm and excitement for the position. 

  • Employee retention and recruitment in a critical time in law enforcement

    • In this day and age with all the negativity that law enforcement has seen over the past couple years, recruitment of new Correctional Officers, Deputies, and Communication Officers is seeing dramatic vacancies. This is not only a Faribault County issue but a statewide issue. Departments need to do all they can to keep the great employees that they have and strive to pull in the qualified candidates for those positions. 

    • I have attached a data request of the salaries for Sheriff, Chief Deputy, and Most senior road Deputy. I found room to make some of those changes within the top two positions in the Sheriff’s Office. On day one of being in office, I will move to have the Chief Deputy’s position to salaried. With that position being salaried I will also request that the Sheriff’s salary be adjusted to make funds available to hire another road Deputy. An additional Deputy will help with deterring crime by being more visible to the public. 

  • Victim rights.

    • Working with other departments to strive for a goal of making sure victims of crimes are heard and not let down by the justice system. I will work hard to hold the justice system accountable.

    • In December of 2017, I myself became a victim of a burglary. With evidence collected a suspect was determined. The Sheriff Deputy forwarded reports for charges. The County Attorney (not the current one) was given the case. The suspect in question was well known to law enforcement not only in Faribault County, but regionally. This suspect also collected multiple other charges with separate cases. The County Attorney failed to contact me as a victim before a plea deal was offered. 

    • I see this current trend of criminals having more rights than victims, needing to change. A voice needs to be made for the victims! This will not only be a Faribault County issue but I will work with the State and US Congress to achieve this. 

  • Faribault County residents rights

    • The Office of County Sheriff is a position that should not be taken lightly. This position is the last constitutional strong hold for the citizens of the county. With everything that is going on at the Federal level right now, we need a Sheriff that will not be afraid to stand up for the citizens. 

    • As an avid outdoorsman I want to make it clear, any attempt at violating the 2nd amendment will not be tolerated by me.

    • I oppose red flag gun laws that do not allow for due process.

    • Last year during the pandemic, The county board was being pushed by state and federal “mandates” to force everyone to be vaccinated. Whether you are for or against vaccines is not the issue. As the Sheriff you need to remember your oath of office and look at it and see if it was a violation of someone’s Constitutional rights. If I were in office during that time I would make sure all the employees that wished to get a vaccine got them and the ones that chose not to, would not have to worry about whether they had a job the next day or not. 

Committee to Elect Jacob Kral
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